Frequently Asked Questions

Did you shoot all of the photos yourself?

I’ve photographed over 600 golf courses worldwide and yes, I’ve taken all of the photos on my site.


What is the difference between a photographic print and metal print?

Please take a glance at this page for the differences. 


What equipment do you use?

I use a DJI Inspire 2 Drone with X5S and X7 cameras. Both cameras have interchangeable lenses including a 15mm, 25mm and50mm. I also use a Hasselblad H6D-50 for all my ground shots.


What shipping services do you offer?

UPS Ground, UPS 3 day select or UPS 2nd day. International packages can be shipped either UPS international saver or express.


How are the prints shipped?

All prints are shipped flat in boxes and protected by heavy cardboard. Larger prints are shipped in crates.


Do you sell digital files?

Yes, for some usages. Please inquire through the contact page.


How are the dimensions of your photos listed?

The size of the photos are always listed with the height first. For instance an 18” x 24” print is 18” high by 24” wide.


What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, since each print is printed to order, prints are not eligible for returns. If a print is damaged in transit, we will replace them at no charge.


How can my golf course hire you?

Please visit the Hire page for more information about my services and how you can contact me.


Do you do framing?

Unfortunately, I do not do framing. If you order a print on photographic paper you would have to have it framed. However, metal and canvas prints don’t need to be framed and can be hung right out of the box or crate.


What is the production time for prints?

Our production times, before shipping, are as follows:
∙ Photographic prints: 3-5 business days
∙ Metal prints: 6-8 business days
∙ Canvas prints: 3-5 business days
∙ Epic Metal Prints: 14-16 business days